“My sons look forward to coming to karate every week. Since they have started attending they are more mindful of their schoolwork and how they relate to others. Their grades have improved, as well as their Self- Esteem and Discipline. I am extremely satisfied.”

Dionna Wilson, mother of Clinton and Brandon.


“First of all, I would like to thank the Mizudo Staff for six years of service. All my children have benefited greatly from attending your academy. My children have improved greatly in the areas of respect, discipline, consistency in achieving set goals and more."

Felicia Vernon, mother of Jannah and Ebraheem.


“My husband and I live in a fairly rough neighborhood with gangs and drugs everywhere.  When our daughter was eleven and our son was six we decided it was best to keep them busy, so we enrolled them in a karate class. They learned so much that we were amazed at what a simple karate class could teach them. They were physically fit, they were respectful to everyone, and they had more confidence and excelled academically in school. They are performing well in sports, and most importantly, they are looked up to by their peers. We had two more sons we enrolled as soon as they were five years old. They have flourished the same way. Living in a rough neighborhood, I know karate has kept my kids from making the wrong decisions,  and from being influenced by the wrong people. After taking my kids to class for ten years, I finally joined the adult class, and I just love it. I wish I had joined sooner. Karate has been an instrument in raising our children, and is a way of life in our family.”

Sandra Alcala, student and mother of Danny and Joey.


"Dear Friend, it was March 7, 1995 and I was walking to a bus stop with my co-worker. Every night around 9:00pm we would walk down Forest between Trumbull and John C Lodge. This night, we saw three men walking toward us ... The attackers caught me and pushed me to the ground. I was never allowed to stand back on my feet.  They took our hand bags, and I gladly gave them the money I had on me. That attack taught me a lesson. Anyone can be assaulted on the street. Fortunately, my co-worker and I were blessed to be able to walk away alive.  Today I'm a student of the Martial Arts at Mizudo Academy of Martial Arts and feel more self confident and self-esteem with the help of the Martial Arts. I urge you to enroll in Master Peterson's Martial Arts program. Just come by or give them a call. The introductory program is FREE! So I urge you to take advantage of this offer right away. Today I feel more powerful and I even have a better paying job."

Sincerely, Larry Marbury


"What I like about the Academy & Martial Arts is the discipline that I am seeing in myself. I'm learning to focus on my goals and go forth in myself to bring out who I am. I'm becoming more teachable and knowing the light that I am, I can only embrace the light that is in my fellow man. I love history and the teachings Master Peterson is teaching us. I like how we help one another, no one judges the other. I love the unity and fellowship that I see in the people who are my friends. The academy is awesome. I look forward to coming in all the time. I've learned to reduce stress and my blood sugar has gone down. I will conquer diabetes. I love the student creed because that is who I am. I am set on getting my black belt."

Tia Davis


“I like the combination of spirituality, conditioning of the body as well as he philosophical aspects of our training. I like the family atmosphere and the fellowshipping of people trying to achieve a common goal.”

Corteze R. Johnson