More than Just Kicking and Punching


All of our programs will teach you mental as well as physical discipline. Martial Arts is an excellent way to enhance your over all quality of life. By combining personal development, self-defense, and physical fitness, Martial Art training will increase your physical stamina, strength and flexibility while increasing your mental clarity, confidence, and reducing stress. . It helps you feel closer to what really matters: your health, your family, and your well-being thus, true Martial Arts is the one thing that develops your mind, body and spirit.


Our pledge is to provide the finest Martial Arts Instruction and the finest student service. Mizudo Academy is a place where personal attention to the needs of our students is our first goal. Our students will always enjoy a positive, supportive, high-energy atmosphere. The Mizudo experience invigorates your senses, instills well-being, promotes balance, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes of our students. Our mission is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. We currently offer over 40 classes per week, making it easy to find a convenient class-time to fit your schedule.